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MacuHealth Retinal Vitamins

Vision Trends Eye Care is pleased to announce they now have available for our patients the new MacuHealth vitamins specifically designed for retinal health in general and macular degeneration specifically.

This exciting new vitamin supplement is formulated with Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Meso-Zeaxanthin to enhance retina health and help reverse or prevent the occurrence of macular degeneration. Studies have shown that visual performance can be improved at any age following supplementation with this formulation of nutrients.

Dr. Larry, who is experiencing early onset macular degeneration (like his father before him) and has been receiving injections for the past year, is now on this regiment and hoping to reduce or eliminate the injections entirely.

These vitamins can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer at or from a designated supplier, which we have become. This supplement is available now in our office. We became a supplier as we can sell the products at a better price than ordering directly.

For more information, you can make an appointment and talk to our doctors about this exciting new product, or come by and purchase a supply at any time.  As this is a vitamin supplement, no prescription is necessary.